Thomastown Secondary College has a proud history of providing a range of opportunities to help develop the leadership qualities of students who attend the school. The College sees leadership as vital to building successful students who contribute to the school and the wider community.

Unit Forum

Students are elected from each Home Group to membership of a Unit based Forum. They represent the views of their fellow students, organise events and excursions, run assemblies and raise money for various charities. Membership of Forum provides students with the opportunity to contribute to the development of the school as well as becoming productive members of the broader community.

VCE Forum students are responsible for planning the Year 12 Formal, creating the Year 12 Yearbook and designing the Year 12 Jacket.

Student Representative Council

Members of SRC are drawn from students who are already members of their Unit Forum. The selected student are given the responsibility of voicing the opinions and needs of the student cohort, organising school and community events and are given the opportunity to make a difference.

Being a part of the SRC benefits students in numerous ways; it builds public speaking skills; gives them the confidence to liaise with fellow students, teachers and the Principal; develops effective organisational & time management skills; promotes problem solving and conditions students to deal with real life circumstances and to take the lead.

School Council

Our school constantly encourages students take the lead and to have a say in the school they would like to see. In pursuit of this, our school offers students the opportunity to become a part of the School Council. Every year, two students are elected from the SRC as school council members alongside parent, teacher and community representatives and the College Principal. They attend monthly meetings of School Council, discuss important events and issues relating to the administration of the school and report back to the SRC.

Through participating in these leadership opportunities, students acquire a sense of school and civic responsibility. They develop and build on a range of skills and attributes that are the keys to success during their schooling, with impact long into the future.