Thomastown Secondary College is firmly committed to creating a learning environment that maximises opportunities to augment qualities of the whole student. This ensures that each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged, setting the standard for continual, sustainable school improvement providing for long-term individualised student success.

We do this through a constantly evolving range of programs designed to foster skills and experiences in areas such as collaboration and teamwork, leadership and initiative, creative and critical thinking, flexible problem solving, written, oral, information and digital literacy, civics and citizenship, global and cultural awareness along with social and ethical responsibilities.

Enrichment and leadership programs, and clubs offer new opportunities and assist students to realise their potential. Debating & writing competitions, experiential camps and excursions, performing arts events, enquiry based programs, incursions, maths competitions, student interest clubs such as our Create Art Club, Interfaith, and an acceleration program are just some of the activities organised by the College to capture the interests and needs and capabilities of our students.