A number of former students and current teachers who have been a part of the schools fabric for many years and at the 30 year reunion for the Class of 1978, the notion of giving something back to the school and its current VCE (Year 12) students was raised and overwhelmingly supported and the concept was born.

A common theme kept emerging through various conversations, around the range of challenges that various students confronted whilst a teenager and the informal support, encouragement and assistance provided willingly by many teachers to ensure those same students remained in the school environment.

The same challenges that were confronted in the 1970’s existed today, some 30 years later and it was those former students and teachers armed with life’s experiences asked, “How can we make a difference?”

Within 12 months the “Thomastown Secondary College Alumni” was born.


To create a learning environment which is rewarding and stimulating, allowing students to grow and develop to achieve their full potential in a manner which will in turn create future role models. To enable this to occur, the Alumni will:

Ensure one or more students experience the many events and celebrations year 12 has to offer who would have otherwise been unable to attend or participate in and thus have lasting memories of VCE at Thomastown High, through the provision of monies at the start of the school year and to be used at the discretion of the Year 12 co-ordinator.

Recognise the student who is acknowledged as the DUX for Year 12 for that particular year. The award would be through the provision of a certificate, financial support assistance and encouragement to allow the student to realise their academic potential.

Recognise the students (at a minimum – one male and one female) student who have been role models during the Year 12 as defined by the Inspiration Award criteria. The Alumni will recognise these recipients with a certificate and financial support. The focus of these awards is to reinforce the importance of role models and to encourage the sorts of behaviours are important in today’s society.

Recognise the personal growth and development of student (s) through the awarding of “Alumni Encouragement Awards”. The students will be:

  • Completed year 11 and about to commence Year 12.
  • Completed Year 10 and about to commence year 11.

These awards will be focused towards assisting the student with the books required for that academic year.

To support the career counselling that is part of the school curriculum and cultural footprint of the school by having one or more former students available on a yearly basis to discuss their journey at Thomastown High School/Secondary College as requested by the school.

To actively respond to requests to attend award nights and actively demonstrate an interest in the current students.

The school will securely retain the address and contact details of all Alumni members.


Past students (including their families) and teachers can be active supporters and participants of the Thomastown Secondary College Alumni. The Alumni provides a forum for current, past students and teachers to connect, reconnect previous friendships and celebrate the common values of being part of Thomastown High School / Secondary College.


Funds collected are retained within the school banking system as a separate item and regular updates are provided by the Deputy Principal. It is acknowledged that the Alumni will in due course establish an independent account and all funds will be transferred at that point.