7-10 Science

Science is part of the human quest to understand the world around us. At Thomastown Secondary College, the 7-10 science curriculum is divided into 4 strands: Chemical science, Physical sciences, Biological sciences and Earth and Space sciences.

Junior Science

Science at the Year 7 and 8 level aims to develop students’ understanding and capabilities. The study of Science through knowing and doing helps students to reach a deeper understanding of scientific knowledge and ways of thinking.

Topics studied include:

  • Forces & magnets
  • Mixtures & separation methods
  • Cells and transport
  • Earth in space
  • Solid, liquid and gases
  • Energy, light and sound
  • Classification and ecosystems
  • Geology

Mid Science

Science at the Year 9 and 10 level aims to further develop students’ confidence, skills and abilities needed to investigate and understand scientific concepts. Students begin to investigate VCE Science studies and the ways that science is involved in future careers.

Topics studied include:

  • Genetics & evolution
  • Body balance and regulation
  • Renewable energy
  • Road Science
  • Chemistry
  • Diseases
  • Forces & Motion
  • Space science

Learning activities in Science classes include experiments and demonstrations, research investigations, online learning tasks, textbook exercises, collaborative problem solving and oral presentations.