VCE Mathematics

This study enables students to:

  • Develop mathematical concepts, knowledge and skills
  • Apply mathematics to analyse, investigate and model a variety of situations and solve practical and theoretical problems. These problems range from well-defined and familiar to open-ended.
  • Use technology effectively as a tool for working mathematically.

 The following VCE Mathematics subjects are offered at Thomastown Secondary College:

Business Mathematics (Units 1&2 only)

Areas of Study

Semester 1&2 – Space, shape and design, Patterns and number, Data, Measurement

General Mathematics (Units 1-2)

Areas of study

Semester 1 – Computation and practical arithmetic, Investigating and comparing data distributions, Linear Relations and Equations, Linear graphs and models, Shapes and measurement

Semester 2– Financial arithmetic, Matrices, Investigating relationship between two numerical variables, Number patterns and recursion, Application of trigonometry

Further Mathematics (Units 3-4)

Areas of study

Semester 1– Displaying and describing data distributions, Summarising numerical data, Investigating associations between two variables, Regression: fitting lines to data, Data transformation, Investigating and modelling time series, Recursion and financial modelling, Modelling and analysing reduced-balanced loans and annuities

Semester 2- Geometry and measurement, Application of geometry and trigonometry, Spherical geometry, Matrices

Mathematical Methods (Units 1-4)

Areas of study – Units 1&2

Functions and graphs, Algebra, Calculus, Probability and statistics

Areas of study – Units 3&4

Functions and graphs, Algebra, Calculus, Probability and statistics