In the VCE years students can study a range of languages either on site or through distance learning. Some of the languages studied by our students include Greek, Italian, Macedonian, Vietnamese and Arabic.

VCE Language:

The study of a language other than English contributes to the overall education of students, most particularly in the area of communication, but also in the areas of cross-cultural understanding, cognitive development, literacy and general knowledge. It provides access to the culture of communities which use the language and promotes understanding of different attitudes and values within the wider Australian community and beyond.

The study of language develops students’ ability to understand and use a language which has both economic and political significance and which is associated with major intellectual, artistic and scientific achievements.

The ability to communicate in a Language other than English (LOTE), in conjunction with other skills, may provide opportunities for employment in the fields of translation, interpreting, banking and social services, ethnic affairs, the tourist and hospitality industries, international relations, the arts and education.

This study is designed to enable students to,

  • use a Language other than English to communicate with others,
  • understand and appreciate the cultural contexts in which the language is used,
  • understand their own culture(s) through the study of other cultures,
  • understand language as a system,
  • make connections between English, and/or other languages,
  • apply a Language other than English to work, further study, training or leisure.