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Term 1

Thursday 24th January                    Book pick up and Uniform Shop open

Tuesday 29th January                      Teachers return to school

Thursday 31st January                     Year 12 Camp

Friday 1st February                          Year 12 Camp

Wednesday 30th January                Year 7 & VCE students begin

Thursday 31st January                     Year 8 – 10 students begin

Monday 18th February                    Years 7-10 PAT testing week begins

Monday 25th February                    School photos

26th – 28th February                         Unit Athletics

Monday 4th March                           Whole school athletics

Monday 11th March                         Labour Day holiday

Friday 1st March                               Curriculum Day

Wednesday 20th March                   VCE Interim Reports

Wednesday 27th March                   Open Day

Monday 1st April                               Years 7-10 Interim Reports

Friday 5th April                                  Term 1 ends


Term 2

Tuesday 23rd April                            School resumes

Thursday 25th April                          ANZAC Day – Public Holiday

Tuesday 7th May                                Multi-Cultural Day

Friday 10th May                                 Year 11 Fit to Drive Program

Tuesday 14th May                              NAPLAN testing for Years 7 & 9

Wednesday 15th May                        NAPLAN testing for Years 7 & 9

Thursday 16th May                           NAPLAN testing for Years 7 & 9

Thursday 16th May                           VCE Information Night – for Year 10 students & parents

Friday 24th May                                 Year 7 & 10 Immunisations

Wednesday 29th May                       Correction Day – no students at school

Friday 31st May                                 Curriculum Day

Monday 3rd June                               VCE Exam week begins

Tuesday 11th June                             Years 7 – 10 Exam week begins

Friday 7th June                                   VCE subject selections for 2019 due

Monday 10th June                             Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday

Wednesday 12th June                       GAT exam for Year 12 students

Monday 17th June                             Work Experience begins for Year 10 students

Monday 17th June                             City Link Program begins for Year 9 students

Monday 17th June                             Junior Enquiry program begins for Years 7 & 8 students

Friday 28th June                                Term 2 ends

Term 3

Monday 15th July                              School resumes

Wednesday 17th July                       Year 7-10 Reports

Wednesday 31st July                       Reflections 2019 performance

Thursday 1st August                        Reflections 2019 performance

Tuesday 20th August                       VCE Interim reports

Tuesday 17th September                Year 7-10 Interim reports

Friday 20th September                   Term 3 ends

Term 4

Monday 7th October                        School resumes

Thursday 17th October                   Celebration day

Friday 18th October                         Year 12 Fancy Dress Day

Monday 28th October                      Years 7-10 PAT testing week begins

Wednesday 30th October                Year 12 final exams begin

Tuesday 5th November                   Melbourne Cup holiday

Wednesday 6th November             Year 7 immunisations

Wednesday 6th November             Year 11 Exam Week begins

Thursday 7th November                 Year 7 Information Evening for Grade 6 students & parents

Thursday 14th November               Year 12 Commencement begins

Wednesday 27th November           Year 12 Commencement ends

Tuesday 19th November                 Year 7 enrolments for 2019

Monday 2nd December                   Year 8-11 Commencement begins

Friday 13th December                     Year 8-11 Commencement ends

Monday 16th December                  Years 7-9 reports

Friday 20th December                    Term 4 ends