The Home Group program at the college is much more than just a pastoral care program.

The structure and allocated time is quite unique to the College and allows the one teacher to carefully monitor and support the educational, social and emotional development of each student during their time at the College. Students in Years 7 to 10 have the same Home Group teacher for four years. This is repeated for the two years of VCE. Each Home Group contains a deliberately balanced mixture of age and ability levels.

Close links are developed between the student’s family and Home Group teacher and this is critical to the overall success of the student. Communication between the family and the school is always through the Home Group teacher; reports on academic progress are held as one longer meeting between student, parent and Home Group teacher rather than many brief meetings with individual subject teachers.

Our students achieve a very high level of successful post-schooling pathways (university, TAFE, apprenticeships and employment). This is due in part to the close monitoring and sound advice they receive from their Home Group teachers.

Students learn best in a safe, supportive and stimulating environment and the Home Group structure provides this. The Home Group program provides the opportunity for students to explore their identity and gain a sense of belonging. Social skills and conflict resolution strategies are also developed.

Home Group teachers help students to develop personal learning skills – identifying their own strengths and weaknesses, managing their own learning and setting and evaluating learning goals. They help their students to develop rigorous study skills. The development of collaboration, teamwork and clear communication are also an important part of the Home Group program.

A wide range of co-curricular activities within the Home Group program, such as Student Forum and the Peer Leadership program, aim to further develop the academic and social abilities of all our students.