Our College is based on the values of respect, trust and enthusiasm for learning. All members of our College community are expected to display these values in the way they interact with each other and in the way they involve themselves in learning activities.



At Thomastown…

  • We welcome creativity, curiosity and celebrate innovation in a safe and supportive environment
  • We foster courage in thoughts and actions
  • We respect and support different learning styles
  • We demonstrate enthusiasm for learning and teaching and welcome new challenges and opportunities
  • We work collaboratively in pursuit of individual excellence for all members of the College community
  • We interact positively, constructively and respectfully with each other
  • We support the aspirations of others and accept responsibility for achieving our own individual excellence
  • We display pride in our school, our heritage and ourselves
  • We embrace our obligation to contribute positively to the College and wider community

We believe that a College community thrives when there is respect for each individual and there is a commitment to build trust, promote self-esteem and ignite passion. A genuine sense of community is achieved when every individual feels valued and respected and where the richness of cultural and ethnic diversity is recognised.

Our strong sense of ownership and pride is reflected in the respect we show each other, our families and our communities.


Our Expectations


Attendance at school every day ensures that your child is learning to the best of their ability.  While some absences are unavoidable, these absences should be kept to a minimum. If your child is absent from school you should notify the school through a note to their Home Group teacher or a phone call to the main office. Extended absence due to illness should be accompanied by a medical certificate.

Students should arrive at school no later than 8.45 am. Morning assembly begins at 9 am and school concludes at 3.25 pm each day except for Tuesdays when school concludes at 2.30 pm.

Uniform & Dress Code

Our College uniform creates a sense of identity and pride amongst all of our students. All students are expected to wear full and correct uniform at all times during the school day, including when on excursion, when representing the college and while travelling to and from school.

A copy of the Uniform & Dress Code can be downloaded here.

Electronic devices

Mobile phones are not permitted on school grounds or in classes during school hours. Mobile phones should be stored safely in students’ lockers from 9.00 am until 3.25 pm.

mp3 players and other electronic devices (apart from school laptops and designated curriculum resources) are not permitted in class.

More information on our school policies can be accessed here.