The Goals and iTrack programs are mentoring programs involving students being paired with adult mentors from industry and business.

Goals is aimed at Year 9 students and is run by the Australian Business and Community Network (ABCN) in partnership with schools. It provides students with an opportunity to learn about a range of businesses and industries in Melbourne. Students are paired with mentors who have similar interests to the student and they meet once a month for 6 months within a group environment.

Each session focuses on a range of personal, educational and vocational choices. Students and mentors complete a range of activities including communication, identifying strengths and weakness, goal setting and interview skills each session.

iTrack is run in partnership with The Smith Family and is aimed at students in Year 10. The students meet weekly with their mentors in a safe online environment. Mentors provide students with advice and guidance about the workplace, study and career opportunities as well as general encouragement. Students are encouraged to think about their future goals and how best to reach their full potential.

Students meet face to face with their mentors a number of times through the program.