At Thomastown Secondary College students are encouraged to strive for personal excellence in their classroom achievements.
Our curriculum aligns with the Victorian Curriculum F–10, the common set of knowledge and skills required by students for life-long learning, social development and active and informed citizenship.
English, The Arts, Mathematics, Science, Languages, Technologies, Health and Physical Education and Humanities are among the diverse learning areas our college offers.

Students are empowered to build a solid foundation for the future by participating in social, intellectual, sporting and cultural activities. Students are able to participate in an Enrichment Program whilst in the Middle Years and are also able to commence VCE studies.

Our vertical structure provides and facilitates effective support and enrichment programs, including early access to a flexible VCE and accelerated programs from years 6 to 12.

Strong Foundations
Our Junior Program is structured sequentially; providing a solid foundation for future successes through emphasis on literacy, numeracy and the use of information and communication technologies across all subjects in the curriculum.

Our Middle Years Program provides students with increasing opportunities to specialise in subjects which cater for their individual needs. It allows students to continue to build on knowledge and skills developed through primary and early secondary years. At the same time the program allows individual the opportunity to pursue diverse academic and extra curricular interests, including The Arts, STEM, Music,  Sport and Community Participation.