Thomastown Secondary College has a unique and proud history. Designed in 1971 on a mini-school model with a strong focus on engagement and student voice, we have retained our core values while responding to the changing needs of our community and that of the broader society.

Our motto

Our motto “Individual Excellence” is embedded in our rich learning environment which values and supports diversity, excellence and teamwork. We foster a spirit of mutual respect and support, where every student is expected to strive to reach his or her potential. Students are empowered to build a solid foundation for the future by participating in social, intellectual, sporting and cultural activities. Our students are encouraged to participate in enrichment and extension programs. The College mission is to encourage students to develop strong social, emotional and academic skills, essential for all citizens in this global world.

Mini schools and Home Groups

Thomastown Secondary College was founded on the understanding that effective schools are centred on the individual student as a learner and as a person. Vertically structured curriculum and distinct teaching teams in each of the 7-10 mini-schools allow enrichment at all year levels and in all learning areas. Underpinning this belief is the unique Home Group structure which provides each student with the same teacher-mentor from Year 7 to Year 10. This program supports a dynamic partnership between students, Home Group teacher and parents and provides continuity and effective monitoring of the social, emotional and academic needs of our students.

Senior school

A separate senior mini-school encourages a more adult approach to learning. The College offers a breadth of Pathways including VCE, VET and the flexibility to combine these with an extended workplace learning experience.

Enrichment & diversity

The College has extended its arts, media and music programs and with the completion of the twenty million dollar Recreation and Aquatic Centre adjacent to the College, curriculum offerings have been further expanded. A wide range of enrichment programs, catering to diverse student interests are available. Currently we celebrate the cultures of families from 50 different countries who speak over 30 different languages. The opening of our new Language Centre has provided greater flexibility and resources to build on the richness of this cultural diversity.